WebDox 2013

Documentaries and digital technologies have never been closer to each other than today. Online tools can offer creative ways to tell your story and interact with your audience, collect and unlock data.

In 2012, the first edition of WebDox took place. In a conference, we informed the audience about interactive webdocumentaries; in subsequent labs, makers could brainstorm and develop projects. WebDox served as an introduction to the possibilities of innovative, digital tools for documentary makers and professionals in new media.


Due to the international response and positive feedback, MEDIA Desk FlandersDocvilleVlaams Audiovisueel FondsiDROPSi-Docs, VRT, Scam/deAuteurs, MEDIA Antenne Düsseldorf and other partners decided to organise a sequel. In a similar format, we dig deeper into the topic. WebDox 2013 focuses on the state of the art of the interactive webdocumentaries and on its technical aspects.

WebDox is not intended to make tech experts out of documentary makers and vice versa. We do want to bring both worlds closer, create a notion about how to sharpen a story, reach a public and engage it. How does user behaviour change once a tablet is involved? How can data be collected and retrieved in a creative way? Which software do you use to make an interactive webdocumentary? What are good open source platforms? WebDox will give an answer to these questions. We start with an international conference, after which we go to work in three hands-on labs. You can participate in the separate programmes too.


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