Partner organisation deAuteurs

A new authors’ collecting society created by and devoted to authors. This was the focal point when deAuteurs became operational in 2012. Only authors can join deAuteurs and the Board of administrators is uniquely composed of authors. Knowhow, transparency and accessibility, these are the keywords in the daily operation of deAuteurs.


The primary mission of deAuteurs is to ensure the collective management of copyrights for authors
in Flanders by collecting and distributing their associated royalties on a national and international
scale. The authors’ society represents a comprehensive repertoire: cinema (short and feature films), television (television films and series), animation films, radio fiction, documentary, performing arts (theatre, stand up comedy, choreography,)… as well as literature, comics and illustrations.

deAuteurs aims to unite authors in the Dutch speaking market in order to create a constructive
dialogue with producers, television and performing arts organizers. It will have regular consultations with its Dutch equivalents Stichting Lira and VEVAM in order to regularly share its experiences, exchanging best practices from both countries.

The remuneration of authors’ rights is the core business of any authors’ society, however, members of deAuteurs benefit from more services: The legal department of deAuteurs focuses on all aspects of the professional life of authors: legal counselors provide support in the negotiation of individual contracts with publishers, producers and theatre organizers. DeAuteurs has also an annual budget to help achieve authors’ projects. This “cultural action” program is regularly updated to meet authors’ needs in a cultural landscape that is constantly changing. In this way deAuteurs also provides support to cultural events and initiatives, such as WebDox.

In a fast and ever-changing world, deAuteurs also represents its authors across national borders through its agreements with SACD and Scam – the only international authors’ collecting societies in Belgium. deAuteurs is dedicated and determined to protect and promote authors’ rights. Created by and destined for authors.


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