Jeremy Mendes out – Sabine Lange in

There are some final changes to the programme of the WebDox conference. Jeremy Mendes from the National Film Board of Canada will sadly be unable to attend. In contrary to that, Sabine Lange from ARTE is now a confirmed speaker. Click here for the full programme.

Sabine Lange_05Sabine Lange has been working at ARTE Television since the early beginning of the European cultural TV channel in 1992. From 1994 to 2001 she worked for the film department, where she was responsible for a short film magazine as well as for film and documentary coproduction. After 10 years of experience in linear storytelling she decided to look for new adventures and combine the linear to the non-linear.

She worked then for 12 years in ARTE’s New Media Department and helped to set up ARTE as one of the pioneers in cross-media projects. After ARTE’s recent restructuring, she is now working as bi-media commissioning editor in ARTE’s Culture department.

She is still particularly in charge of transmedia projects, always looking for innovative formats and new ways of meaningful storytelling. Latest projects include the platform The Arab world in revolution(s) which she was running for two years, the long tail transmedia project The cathedral builders (soon available in English) and a just launched real time fiction project La semaine de verité / Zeit der Helden.


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