Discover the world by its street art


When people walk in a city, they tend to ignore the back streets and crumbled places. However, sometimes the darkest corners are covered with art, free for everyone to enjoy it. Not only are they nice to look at, they also tell us something about the concerns and life in these cities.

Graffiti art is another way to understand the energy and reality of a city. Street artists create entertainment, political criticism, social objections, etc. In a way, it is a kind of a participating citizenship.

Francois Le Galle

Therefore François Le Gall, Sidonie Garnier and Jeanne Thibord decided to design an interactive webdoc that shows us the world in a totally different way. François Le Gall will be at the WebDox conference to talk about this project, Défense d’afficher.

Défense d’afficher, developed with France Télévisions, lets the users explore eight major cities by its street art. In the webdoc, we can watch clips of the street artists and find a lot of additional information. After visiting the city, users can continue the experience by sharing the street art they found in their own cities with the All City app. Défense d’afficher is a project of François Le Galle’s company Cameratalk and has won the Prix France 24 – RFI Award at Visa pour L’Image 2012 and was selected for the Prix Europa 2012 in Berlin.



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