Create your own Storyplanet

The main purpose is to make it really easy to create stories that can be clicked, navigated, commented on, shared – all the other things you can do with digital media.

bjarke portrait 3

Bjarke Myrthu, Danish co-founder of Storyplanet, will be lecturing at WebDox. He states that digital media could and should be much more than factual news and static texts. Bjarke therefore wants to unleash the power of the media and push the limits of storytelling by using visuals, audio and interactivity. Moreover, he wants the public to create stories that matter, stories that educate and that reach both the heart and brain of others.

To help create multimedia content in an easy way, he founded Storyplanet. This is a toolbox for interactive documentaries, infographics, slideshows, e-learning, etc. It is a platform that enables you to design your own content.


Bjarke has won several awards with his interactive documentaries and also founded Magnum In Motion. Founded in New York, in 2004, Magnum In Motion is the multimedia digital studio of Magnum Photos. In Motion assembles visual narratives for online and offline platforms, including screenings in museums, festivals, and workshops.


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