Producer of ‘Alma’ at WebDox


In an isolated house, there was a girl older than me. Blond, begging to be spared…my whole body was telling me not to, but in the end I killed her. I knew I would get killed myself if I did not obey.” —Alma

Alma – A tale of violence is an interactive webdocumentary that tells the shocking story of a former member of one of the most violent gangs in Guatemala, The Mara 18. Alma was only fifteen when she took her first life and stayed with the gang for eight years. When she left, two of the gang members tried to kill her. Although she recovered from the bullets, she was left in a wheelchair.

Since Guatemala has one of the highest murder rates in the world due to gang violence, photographer Miquel Dewever-Plana and journalist Isabelle Fougère wanted to use her as a powerful way-in to explain the violent situation of Guatemala. The interactive web and tablet application, made in collaboration with ARTE, combines her testimony with photographs from Miquel Dewever-Plana and drawings from Hugues Mìcal. The user can switch between Alma talking and the photographs and drawings that give us an idea of the aggressive world she lived in. The app also offers 4 modules that provide more information on Guatemala.


Margaux Missika, producer at Upian, will present ‘Alma’ at the WebDox Conference. At WebDox last year, her colleague Alexandre Branchet presented a case study on ‘Prison Valley’ and ‘Gaza/Sderot’.


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